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Buckner Says Seeds of Impeachment Sown by Graham

On Monday, Oct. 7, as Sen. Lindsey Graham was rebuking President Donald Trump's decision to remove U.S. troops from northern Syria, senatorial candidate Dwayne "Duke" Buckner was critical of Graham's lack of support for the embattled president.

Campaigning in the South Carolina Upstate, Buckner shared his views at Wade's Restaurant in front of the Spartanburg County GOP's First Monday Club. He reiterated the same sentiments as he spoke with members of the Jeffersonian Republicans at the Local Cue Restaurant in Greenville later that evening.

Buckner wasn't surprised when he heard Graham's harsh words against the president on Monday. Buckner faults Graham with sowing the seeds of the current Democratic Party impeachment inquiry of Trump.

"Two years ago, when President Trump was contemplating firing then attorney general Jeff Sessions after he recused himself from the Russia probe, Sen. Graham said the President would have "holy hell" to pay if he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions," Buckner said. "I was totally shocked when I heard our Senator say that. First, there is nothing holy about hell and second, the President of the United States has the power under the Constitution to fire anyone in his cabinet at will.

According to Buckner, the words "holy hell to pay" sounded like a move towards impeachment.

"The Democrats, since day one, have been trying to get rid of this president and he doesn't need members of his own party trying to take him down for exercising a power that he clearly has under the Constitution," said Buckner.  "Now, fast forward just over two years later and look at where we are... the Democratic Party has started an impeachment inquiry. However, I believe the seeds of impeachment were sown by our own senator, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is a member of the Republican Party.  I have a problem with that and so should every Republican here in South Carolina.

"I remember Sen. Graham leading the charge to impeach then President Bill Clinton for lying under oath during the Paula Jones hearing. Lying under oath is a very serious crime and is totally different than President Trump exercising a right that he has under the Constitution."

Buckner went on to say that he was proud of Sen. Graham when he spoke at the Kavanaugh hearing, but now according to Buckner, he doesn't know whether Sen. Graham will support Trump when he needs Republicans to stand behind him.

"If Sen. Graham is elected again, he could be that one vote to decide whether the president will remain in office.  I just can't trust that our senator will vote to keep the president in office and neither should the good people of South Carolina."

Duke poses for a photo with Spartanburg resident, Jeff Hesla


Jeffersonian Republican Club President Roger Newton and Duke Buckner

Jeffersonian Republicans of Greenville, SC 


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