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Everyone Can Help Combat Climate Change

"Our state is absolutely beautiful! From the mountains to the beaches, South Carolina is rich in natural resources," Buckner said. "Therefore, we must be good stewards over God's creation and do what we can to protect it."

On the issue of climate change, Buckner agrees with Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site Park Ranger Rob Powell who suggests that a holistic approach is the best way to address the problem. "Whether its reducing pollution, not littering, or driving an electric car, everybody has a part to play in dealing with climate change," said Powell.
"Ultimate Outsiders" from around the state gathered at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site in Charleston, SC last Saturday. The "Ultimate Outsider" program, sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, encourages individuals to spend more time outdoors by visiting all 47 state parks across the state. Buckner and his family are part of the Ultimate Outsiders program.

(L to R) Park Ranger, Terry Conway; Dwayne " Duke" Buckner and Park Ranger, Rob Powell

             "Ultimate Outsiders"  Group Photo

Committee to Elect Dwayne T. Buckner for United States Senate
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