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Buckner Sees 'Heart of Man' as Issue in Gun Debate

Dwayne "Duke" Buckner is seeking the Republican Party's nomination for the U.S. Senate, a seat currently held by Lindsey Graham (R-SC).  While touring the DC Machine facility in Summerville, SC, Buckner shared his views on the Second Amendment with employees.  DC Machine is one of the largest gun barrel manufacturers in the nation.

        "I believe that gun violence in America is a matter of the heart of man and that is where the issue will ultimately have to be addressed for there to be any long term solution to the problem," said Buckner.  "The primary right to posses a fire arm is for protection of one's person and property.  Therefore, if a person has been convicted of the use or possession of a firearm in the commission of a violent crime, then I believe he or she forfeits his or her constitutional right to keep and bear arms. 

       "One strike and you're out because of the potential dangers inherit in the weapon," Buckner said. 

Buckner also believes if a person has been adjudicated as mentally incompetent or has a serious mental illness that affects his or her ability to act and behave rationally, that individual should not have access to firearms.

As for any further restrictions on the right to bear arms, Buckner is cautious.

       "Unlike Senator Graham who supports red flag laws, I am not in favor of implementing any proposed infringement upon a constitutional right without exploring the least restrictive means first," said Buckner. 

Under red flag laws, family members or law enforcement can request the courts to temporarily take away the guns from a person who may present a danger to the community or themselves.

        "A disregard for life has slowly developed in our country over the years.  Instead of expanding red flag laws at this time, I would support the immediate funding and implementation of a national ad campaign that promotes the gift of life as being something precious.  The same ad campaign would also promote love, peace and racial reconciliation."

        "I believe this would help to change our culture and have a lasting impact on changing the hearts of man.  The ad campaign is something the whole country can get behind," said Buckner.  "National campaigns have been very effective in addressing the issues of drunk driving and smoking.  If done properly, we won't need any red flag laws or bans on assault weapons."

However, Buckner believes for the United States to have the moral standing to promote life through a national ad campaign and not be hypocritical, it must deal with the issue of abortion. 

    "Thousands of unborn babies are murdered in the United States every year through the procedure known as abortion," said Buckner. "Roe v. Wade must be overturned if we are to have any success in stemming the tide of gun violence in our country.  The unborn are innocent and need to be protected as well."

Above: DC Machine Product Specialist, Quality Engineer and Sales Manager Mark Petty and U.S. Senate candidate, Dwayne "Duke" Buckner

Committee to Elect Dwayne T. Buckner for United States Senate
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