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Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana Needed Now

EASELY- Attorney Dwayne “Duke” Buckner, who is seeking the South Carolina Republican Party's nomination for the U.S. Senate- a seat currently held by Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made known his full support for the legalization of medicinal marijuana use.  Buckner, campaigning at the Upper South Carolina State Fair in Easely, SC shared his personal experience on the subject with voters.

"I have a child who was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at birth," said
Buckner. "He has been in and out of hospitals his whole life with
severe sickle cell pain crises since he was a toddler. He has been
prescribed morphine and oxcycodone and other medications to help him
manage his pain. The pain medications have helped, but they also have
had some negative side effects as well." 

"As a parent, you want to do whatever you can to help your child or loved one who is hurting. If there is something out there that would help ease their pain without all of the negative side effects, then I am for it 100% percent. There is nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer in pain and not be able to do something to help them."

And for those to whom opioids are causing more harm than good, medicinal marijuana may be a viable alternative.

"The federal government’s prohibition against marijuana is an issue that needs to be addressed in helping to curb the opioid crisis."

Though Buckner understands there are valid arguments against medicinal marijuana from law enforcement and on religious grounds, he firmly believes that the evidence supporting the medicinal use of marijuana for those suffering from chronic pain and a host of other diseases and conditions are clear.

"God made the marijuana plant. If there are health benefits in the plant for people who are suffering, then let's legalize it for medicinal use and make it available to those suffering only through a prescription by a licensed medical doctor," Buckner said. "I do not support legalizing it for recreational use. However, I would support legislation that would allow each individual state to decide if they want to legalize it for recreational use."


Dwayne "Duke" Buckner and Lisa Sanderson pause for a photo at the Upper South Carolina State Fair in Easely, SC.

  "South Carolina got it right about CBD! Let's do the same for medical cannibis," said Lisa Sanderson CEO of Greenville, SC based Primo Plant Remedies.

Committee to Elect Dwayne T. Buckner for United States Senate